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Information and Rules

Class/Workshop Guidelines and Cancellations Policy

  • Students should register by the advertised registration deadline. However, if space is available, students may also register on the first day of class. First day of class registration is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Full payment must accompany registration to ensure the student’s slot in the class.
  • Payment may be made by cash, check, or credit card.
  • In the event a student must withdraw his or her registration, one half (50%) of the class fee will be refunded by Burning Fork Studio, LLC if notice of the withdrawal is received seven (7) days or more prior to the first class meeting.
  • If Burning Fork Studio, LLC is notified of student withdrawal fewer than seven (7) days prior to the first class meeting, no refunds will be made.
  • Burning Fork Studio, LLC reserves the right to cancel any class. Class fees will be refunded in full if Burning Fork Studio, LLC cancels a class, and will be mailed to the address provided on the registration form.
  • Burning Fork Studio, LLC, shares its studio space with another artist, and, occasionally, art exhibits. Students and guests who damage or break artworks by Burning Fork Studio or others within the studio space are required to pay for any damage or loss of property.
  • Potentially dangerous equipment, including hot kilns, spinning wheels, and sharp hand tools are on premises. All classroom rules (attached) must be followed carefully to ensure student safety.

The undersigned student is participating in the class or classes sponsored by Burning Fork Studio, LLC, and said student and/or the student’s parent or guardian hereby acknowledges that he or she understands the

Class Guidelines and Cancellations Policy above. All students agree to abide by additional class regulations outlined by individual class instructors and Burning Fork Studio, LLC employees. It is further acknowledged by the student and if applicable, the student’s parent or guardian, that Burning Fork Studio, LLC and its officers, members, employees, and agents accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any injury, loss, or damage to the student or their personal equipment or artwork.

Students may be photographed and/or filmed during Burning Fork Studio, LLC classes and events to capture images for use in publicity materials, including but not limited to its web site, printed advertising, brochures, and flyers. By registering for a class, the student hereby grants the irrevocable right to the use of photos and video taken by Burning Fork Studio, LLC in all media and in any and all manners including composite or segmented representation for the preparation of works which may incorporate his or her image, and holds harmless Burning Fork Studio, LLC, and its affiliates against any and all liability arising therein. (If you do not wish to be included in photography or other promotional materials, please check “no” in form above.)

Classroom rules:

  1. Respect your classmates, instructors, and their artwork.
  2. Use of tools and materials:
    a. Some tools are sharp and can be dangerous if used or handled inappropriately.
    b. Always leave tools and other materials on the table when not in use—never walk or run holding tools.
    c. Tools should be used for their intended purposes only. Do not point or throw tools at others or use them in any way that could harm a person or the studio equipment.
    d. Use only the tools and materials designated for your class or workshop. Do not touch materials or tools throughout the studio without proper instruction, as some may be fragile and/or hazardous when handled improperly.
  3. Do not run in the studio. Concrete floors can be slippery when wet.
  4. NEVER touch or bump into the kiln. While it usually will not be in use during class times, it may be hot while cooling and could cause serious burns if touched.
  5. Do not go behind the counters or touch any items in the front studio space of Suite 103, which does not belong to Burning Fork Studio, LLC.
  6. As in many art galleries and studios, there is a strict “you break it, you buy it” policy in Suite 103.
  7. Additional safety rules and instructions on use of materials may apply for specific classes and workshops based on the lesson plan. If applicable, these will be announced at the beginning of class.

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(NOTE: To pay for classes with Kathy Deakins, please pay by check directly to Kathy. Thanks!)

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