About the Studio

I’m Lahla Deakins, artist and owner of Burning Fork Studio, LLC—a small art business where I sell my hand-built Lace Pottery and hand-painted, up-cycled vintage furniture. I also offer ceramics classes and Pottery Parties for all ages.

I opened the studio in Knoxville, TN, in November 2010. Located in the downtown/Old City area of town, it’s in walking distance of restaurants, art galleries, shopping, and more. The studio is a shared space at West Jackson Workshops, divided between Burning Fork Studio and local florist Blooming Earth Flowers. The rest of the building houses other creative types (Sanders Pace Architecture, Mockingbird Events, Nathanna Design).

The name of the studio comes from my time in Eastern Kentucky, where I passed a sign for a little community called Burning Fork on my way home every day. I never went there, but I loved the sound of fiery energy the name had, so I borrowed it for my (then) little home pottery studio.

You can visit the studio to shop or just to say hello anytime by appointment. To learn more about me and my artwork, click the links below.

Artist’s Statement

About Lahla