New supplies, new books, new day!

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I’ve just placed an order for about a half dozen items, all related to my work here in the studio. These types of shopping sprees are rewarding for me on just about the same level as racking up at J.Crew or splurging on a new piece of (handmade, of course!) jewelry.

It is just so satisfying to bring home shiny, colorful, new tools and fabrics and books and begin putting them in their proper places, where they will soon—but not right this second—become a part of my daily routine. Oh, the things I could make with that bright red thread! It is the perfect hue, sitting there round its untouched spool in my sewing box, nestled between the orange and the pink. And that cleverly titled new craft book! The lofty lessons I will take away from its pages! My heart swells with thoughts of endless possibilities, all my new necessities working together!

While I know even as I think these thoughts that they are perhaps a bit overly enthusiastic, and that the red thread may not be stitched into the most ingenious design know to woman, and I may never have the patience to finish that book, I can’t help being truly inspired by new materials. My husband, who would rather mend his pants with a bit of twine found on the floor of the garage than—gasp—rush out to buy a new spool of string, often doesn’t understand my affection for fresh purchases, and you, dear reader, may not understand either.

But I honestly come up with new ideas at times based entirely on new supplies that I bought with no particular purpose in mind, or that I stuffed in my shopping basket on an impulse based solely on pleasing color or texture or shape. Sometimes all it takes is some fresh blood, or rather, material, coursing through your tool boxes and cupboards to let your imagination run wild and leap in directions you never would have thought of with that old, dusty, beige thread. Here’s to inspiration, wherever it is found!

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