Italian ispirazione

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I’ve just returned from a three-week honeymoon in Italy, and after seeing all the amazing art, architecture, and even beautiful food, I’ve returned to my studio with lots of great inspiration from the trip.

From Venice to Pisa, I was impressed by the stunning colors everywhere we went. Colorful buildings, colorful landscapes, colorful food, all against a backdrop of perpetually (for our stay, at least) bright blue, cloudless sky. There was also the breathtaking white of the Carraran marble, of course, which was most notable on the buildings in the famous Campo dei Miracoli in Pisa (home to the Leaning Tower), and in the fantastically lifelike statues and sculptures in Florence.

I’ve included a few of my favorite photos here, and pics of the chairs inspired by bright Tuscan colors that I’m working on now.

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