Bright whites

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Lately I have fallen in love with bright white glazes—rather uncharacteristic for me, as I tend to be a little obsessed with bright colors, but somehow these whites provide the same level of pop for me and are elegant at the same time. Best of all, the pieces fit in anywhere and with any color scheme.

The white on porcelain is my favorite, because it looks so sleek and polished, but I also got great results on the speckled brown clay I used recently: lovely iron spots show through the white glaze for a really earthy, but still bright, look. For my tastes, this is a lovely spin on what I think of as “traditional pottery,” for lack of a better term—you know, those same-old-same green and blue and stoneware things you see at every craft fair and festival in the universe.

I know, I know, people like it and it sells and that’s why potters make it (people have even come into the Artisan Center where I sell my work, looked right at my shelf and asked, “But do you have any pottery for sale?”), but it’s so predictable.

Sadly, my throwing style seems to fall squarely into that “traditional pottery” category—nice and sturdy looking, with rounded rims and feet, just calling out for some good old earthy glazes: yawn. I feel freer to make more varied shapes that can handle a variety of glaze treatments when I’m hand building, but these whites (a gloss and a matte) have opened new doors! I’m heading back to my wheel with my speckled stoneware and I’m going to let my hands make those rounded, sturdy shapes, and then I’m going throw out my blue and green glazes! Keep a lookout in the gallery for the results.

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